• What is inverter?
    Inverter or AC drive is an industrial device, which can control speed of an electrical motor without any reduction in its torque.
    Inverters are made in many capacities and the capacitance of inverter and electric Motor must be the same. For example a 20 HP motor needs a 20 HP inverter.
  • What kind of inverters (AC drives) are when we compare their input?
    In this viewpoint, inverters are divided into two parts: single phase and three phase but all of them has three phase output.
    For 5HP inverters and more there is no any single phase input generally.
  • In which application we can use inverter?
    Inverters have many functions and applications. They are use for fans, pumps, elevators, lifts, belt conveyer and wherever we need variable speed.
    For fan and pump, inverter with variable torque and for lifts and elevators, inverter with constant torque is used.
  • What are the advantages of using inverter?
    Saving energy – decreasing in starting current. Longer lifetime for motor. Ability of changes the speed and direction. Protection against overloads and etc.
  • How inverters decrease the amount of power consuming?
    Inverter detects the amount of load and gives enough current to electric motor and this current is sometimes less then rated current.
  • What is PLC?
    PLC stands for programmable logic controller.
    We program PLC due to or application. In an industrial control system PLC usually acts the main role and works as a CPU for a PC.
  • What are applications of a PLC?
    It is used in all kinds of factories and machines for example for products line automation, Automatic process in industrial machines and BMS design we can use PLC.
  • What are the characters of a PLC?
    It has many characters and the most useful of them are:
    Number of inputs and outputs, number of timers, number of counters, number of auxiliary relays, amount of program space and execution speed.
  • What is HMI?
    HMI stands for human machine interface and used in monitoring the Parameters of industrial machines like PLC and inverter and etc. HMI is an LCD Monitor that is programmable and it gives use ability of changing parameters and controls our system.
  • How many devices can communicate with a HMI simultaneously?
    We can connect 255 devices to an HMI to control and monitor them.