RAAD Automation Company has been established in 1996.          
 Its most activity at the beginning was producing and designing controlling systems in special
 In 1998 it started its activity in doing the industrial automation project.
In 1999 it established sales and after sale services department for industrial automation equipment including PLC, HMI , Inverter and different sensors.
-In 2002 it expanded sales and after sales services department and established Esfahan office.
- In 2005 it started commercial relationship with some foreign company and promoting their product in Iran market.
- In 2006 it promoted PLC product (VH series and VB series) in Iran market as the distributor of Vigor Co.
-In 2007 it held training courses for training the students of universities and technicians of factories.
-In 2007 it expanded industrial automation project department and started the activity in energy saving project and has done BMS project for many factories and it is expanding now.
-in 2007 its Trading department has decided to make a new sales and after sales services department and chose agents in Mashhad, Tabriz and Qom.
-In 2008 Sales network has been expanded and we have 12 agents in 12 important cities of Iran.
And one of the most important goals of this company is, that attract the satisfaction of customers by offering the best equipment of automation and after sell services.
1 – Making industrial automation projects.
2 – Sales and install industrial automation equipments.
3 – Teaching in industrial automation course.
1- Making industrial automation projects.
    1 - Design & make BMS (building managing system)
    2 - Temperature process control
    3 – Products lines monitoring
    4 – CNC machines
    5 – Products lines control
    6 – Product lines & machines upgrade
    7 – Industrial automation consultant
2- Sales and install industrial automation equipments.
    1 - Selling inverters & PLCs and other IAE
    2 - Supply & support
    3 - Install
    4 - Free consult
    5 - Hold seminar for heavy industries
3 - Teaching in industrial automation course.
     1 – Functional & short course to teach how to use inverters
     2 – Professional course for engineers
     3 – Mechatronics & automation course in universities
     4 – Automation course in Institute
What we have done:
-         Making a complex control & monitor system for SIMBORESH ALIGOODARZ Co
     in competition with a Korean company.
-         Provide and install a programmable temperature control system for a laboratory oven for ISFAHAN TILE Co.
-         Design and install CNC machine to make special shape on gold rings for ISFAHAN PISHRO SANAT Co.
-         Design and install BMS(Building Management System) for ORDIBEHESHT BUILDING.
-         Design and install a smart control system for rolling systems.
-         Design and install a machine control system to program linear movement for TOHIDCo.
-         Design and install a constant accelerate system for laboratory test.
-         Install inverters, which have PID to make tension control.
-         Selling and install inverters many industries and companies: stone, Tile, textile, food, oil, mines ,oxygen producer ,wood ,paper ,CNC machines ,elevator ,glass and mirror and packaging machines.
-         Design and install flow meter for cars to test their oil pump.
-         Held seminar for AKHTAR BARGH Co about industrial automation projects
-         Teach MECHATRONIC & Automation in Isfahan University of technology.